User Policy

The present agreement provides stipulations concerning the membership services provided through the tripla website. Your membership registration requires agreement to the terms herein.

Article 1. Application of the Agreement
  • The tripla Chatbot Service Membership Agreement (hereinafter, referred to as the “Present Agreement”) shall be applied to the use of the tripla My Page services (hereinafter, referred to as the “Present Services”) provided by tripla K.K. (hereinafter, the “Company”).
  • The Present Agreement shall be considered inclusive of any other stipulations the Company establishes separately.
  • Should the stipulations of the Present Agreement differ in content from the other stipulations indicated in the previous paragraph, the content of the latter shall take precedence in application.
  • The notifications prescribed in Article 3 below and sent to users of the Present Services (hereinafter, referred to as the “Members”) shall compose a part of the Present Agreement.
Article 2. Modifications to the Agreement
  • The Company may modify these stipulations without the consent of the Members. In such an event, the conditions for use of the Present Services shall be according to the Present Agreement after modification.
  • Modifications to the Present Agreement shall have effect upon posting to the Company’s web site, excepting cases separately defined by the Company.
Article 3. Notifications from the Company
  • The Company shall from time to time send necessary notifications to the Members in a manner deemed appropriate by the Company, including posting of information to the company website and transmission by E-mail.
  • When posted to the Company’s website or transmitted by E-mail, the notifications of the previous paragraph shall have effect from the time of their posting or the time of their transmission.
Article 4. Registration for the Present Services

Persons desiring to use the Present Services shall register for them online, subsequent to consenting to the Present Agreement.

Article 5. Use Environment

In conjunction with the use of the Present Services, the Members shall provide the environment required for such use at their own expense and responsibility, including any and all hardware, software and telephone lines therefor. The Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever should the environment hinder the use of the Present Services or otherwise adversely affect them.

Article 6. Member Responsibilities

In conjunction with the use of the Present Services, the Members shall bear all responsibility for actions taken thereby and all actions undertaken with their member ID as well as the consequences thereof, regardless of whether the Member personally committed said actions and regardless of the whether or not due to negligence. Furthermore, should the use of the Present Services result in damages to a third party, the Member shall resolve disputes with said third party at the former’s responsibility and expense. Should a Member cause damages to the Company through a violation of the Present Agreement, the Company may claim compensation from said Member for all such damages.

Article 7. Member ID and Password

The Members shall not only be responsible for the use and management of individual IDs and passwords, but also agree that the Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for errors in use, improper use by third parties, or the like.

Article 8. Prohibition on Transfer of Rights

The Members may not transfer or lease the rights to receive the Present Services to a third party without prior consent of the Company.

Article 9. Cancellation of Membership
  • A Member may suspend the Present Services for any reason. The Company shall accept such suspension through a process separately provided.
  • Should a Member use the Present Services in a way violating the Present Agreement, or in an improper or illegal manner, or should the Company determine that registration was made with untrue or inaccurate data, the Company may delete said Member’s ID without prior notice and deny any future use of the Present Services.
Article 10. Protection of Personal Information

The Company shall appropriately maintain the privacy of personal information registered by members, and shall comply with the Personal Information Privacy Policies set forth by the Company.

Article 11. Registration Information
  • As a general rule, the Company shall not disclose the personal information of a Member which is come to be known by the Company through the process of said Member registering and using services to a third party other than a partner company having concluded a confidentiality agreement with the Company. However, personal information may be disclosed in the following cases:
    • When the Member has agreed to the disclosure of personal information.
    • When disclosure is required by law.
    • When the Company discloses statistical personal information (exclusive of information that could identify an individual) gathered in order to analyze use trends of the Present Services.
  • When a Member uses services provided by the Company, the latter may use personal information for the Present Services. Such use shall occur in accordance with the “Handling of Personal Information”, established by the Company.
  • Members shall promptly modify registered information online when there is a change to that information. The Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever in the event that changes not made online or errors result in problems or damages related to the use of the Present Services.
Article 12. System Modifications Affecting the Present Services

Should the Company determine that changes to the system or content specific to the operations of the Present Services or to registration are required, the Company shall make such required changes without prior notification.

Article 13. Service Stoppage and Interruptions

In the following situations, the Company may stop or interrupt operation of the Present Services without warning. In such an event, the Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damages incurred by the Members.

  • When carrying out regular or emergency maintenance for the system for the Present Services.
  • When ordinary provisioning of the Present Services is not possible due to abnormal circumstances, including war, fighting, unrest, labor struggles, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, tidal waves, fires and power outages.
  • When the Company determines that a temporary interruption in the operations of the Present Services is otherwise necessary.
Article 14. Prohibitions

The Members shall be prohibited from performing the following actions during their use of the Present Services.

  • Actions that infringe on, or have the risk of infringing on the copyrights, property rights, privacy or other rights of another Member, a third party or the Company.
  • In addition to the previous paragraph, actions that result in, or have the risk of resulting in a disadvantage or damages to another Member, a third party or the Company.
  • Actions that slander another Member, a third party or the Company.
  • Actions that violate, or have the risk of violating the public morality, or actions of providing information that violates the public morality to another Member or a third party.
  • Actions that are criminal or associated with criminal actions, or have the risk of such.
  • Actions of an election campaign or similar thereto, regardless of whether or not during an election period.
  • Activities relating to sexual practices, religion or politics.
  • Actions that have as their object, or are preparatory to the object of profiting from the use of the Present Services through their use without permission from the Company.
  • Actions involving the improper use of log-in IDs and/or passwords.
  • Actions of using or providing malicious software, including computer viruses, through or related to the Present Services.
  • Actions that violate, or have the risk of violating a law or ordinance.
  • Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.
Article 15. Claims of Compensation for Damages

Should the Company suffer damages due to an act in violation of the Present Agreement or the improper or illegal use of the Present Services by a Member, the Company may claim reasonable compensation for those losses from that Member (including legal fees).

Article 16. Jurisdiction
  • Should a dispute arise in relation to the Present Services between a Member and the Company, both parties shall resolve the dispute in good faith.
  • Should a resolution not be reached through conference, it is agreed that either the Tokyo Regional Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the competent court.
Article 17. Effective Date of Agreement

The Present Agreement shall take effect on 15 June 2017.

Terms of Use for “Prearranged Accommodation with Payment Service”

Be sure to carefully read the following Terms of Use when using the Prearranged Accommodation with Payment Service.

tripla K.K. offers the Prearranged Accommodation with Payment Service (hereinafter called “The Service”) by making use of the tripla K.K. system of prearranged accommodation with payment via Internet. The Service that we provide to you is subject to the following Terms of Use (hereinafter called “The Terms”). Your use of The Service indicates your acknowledgement and agreement to the Terms of Use for Prearranged Accommodation Service and to The Terms.

Article 1. (Scope of application)
  • Any reservations made through The Service fall under The Terms, not the adhesive terms and conditions for tour business of this company (arranged tour contract category). Matters provided for in The Terms are under the terms of use for Prearranged Accommodation Service, laws and ordinances, or habitual practices generally established.
  • In the event we make a special arrangement with Customers in writing within a scope that does not bring disadvantages to Customers without breaking any laws and ordinances, notwithstanding the provision in the previous clause, such special arrangement supersedes.
Article 2. (Terminology)
  • “Reservation” as used in The Terms is defined as a mediation of contracts between Customers and accommodation facilities so that Customers can receive accommodation services from accommodation facilities.
  • “Accommodation fee” as used in The Terms is defined as the amount payable by Customers to accommodation facilities for accommodation services.
Article 3. (Locus of contracts)
  • Contracts on accommodation services that are provided to you through The Service are accommodation contracts executed between Customers and accommodation facilities. We are in charge only of mediation of such contracts.
Article 4. (Reservations)

Any Customers seeking to make reservations shall complete the Internet application form provided by us and send it to us via Internet as prescribed on the form.

Article 5. (Confirmation of reservations)

The “conformation screen” describing matters concerning accommodation services for Customers is displayed by us as soon as practicable after a reservation is made.

Article 6. (Time of completion of contracts)
  • Accommodation contracts are completed when Customers make reservations in accordance with Article 4 under adhesive terms and conditions for accommodation and “the completion screen” as a response to the relevant confirmation is displayed on the customer’s Internet terminal.
  • Notwithstanding time of completion of contracts stipulated in the previous clause, provisions prescribed by accommodation facilities, if any, supersede.
  • In the event there are such provisions mentioned in the previous clause, they are provided on the Internet.
Article 7. (Termination of obligations)

Performance of our obligations is terminated when we, with the care of a good manager, confirm that Customers make reservations with accommodation facilities and such reservations are completed. Accordingly, even if subsequently accommodation services are not available for such Customers due to any business reasons of accommodation facilities and any causes including unreasonable conditions, we shall assume no responsibility for it. In such case, such Customers are dealt with under adhesive terms and conditions prescribed by each accommodation facility.

Article 8. (Handling of personal information)

We never, in principle, disclose personal information Customers provide us in the course of use of the Service to anyone other than us and organizations concerned who need personal information for reservations, provided that we may disclose personal information in the following cases. For more information, see Privacy Policy.

  • in case Customers agree on disclosure of personal information
  • in case disclosure is required by law
Article 9. (Change in the contract detail and termination at the discretion of Customers)
  • Customers may request to terminate all or part of accommodation reservations or to change reservation detail.
  • In the event all or part of reservations are terminated or reservation detail is changed upon Customers’ requests stipulated in the previous clause, cancellation charges and penalty charges are determined under adhesive terms and conditions for accommodation prescribed by each accommodation facility.
Article 10. (Termination due to any causes attributable to Customers)
  • In the event Customers fail to complete reservation procedures specified by each accommodation facility, by the appointed time, the relevant accommodation contracts may be terminated.
  • In the event such contracts are terminated in accordance with the provision in the previous clause, Customers shall pay cancellation charges and penalty charges under adhesive terms and conditions for accommodation prescribed by each accommodation facility.
Article 11. (Payment of accommodation accommodation fees)

Customers shall pay accommodation fees to each accommodation facility at a time appointed by it.

Article 12. (Responsibility of this company)
  • We shall, if we cause damages to Customers due to non-communication of information, intentionally or negligently, indemnify Customers for such damages within the limits of the relevant accommodation fees. This shall apply any cases where we get notice within one month from the following day of date of occurrence of damages.
  • We shall, except as described in the previous clause, assume no responsibility for damages incurred between Customers and accommodation facilities.
  • We show information that we receive from accommodation facilities without modification. We shall assume no responsibility for the truth of such information.
Article 13. (Courts of competent jurisdiction)

Any and all conflicts which may arise between Customers and this company in relation to the Service shall be settled upon faithful consultation between the parties. If the parties fail to reach settlement, they shall be settled by arbitration of Tokyo District Court and Tokyo Summon Court as agreement jurisdictional court.

Article 14. (Change to the Terms)

We shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, add or remove any terms and conditions of the Terms without advance notice to you. Be sure to review the Terms at every visit. Any changes to the Terms shall be effective exclusively.

Article 15. (Effective date of terms)

The Terms shall come into effect on May 21st, 2018.